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The Game/ L.A.X.

Posted by Guy Fawkes

1st things first, I DO NOT support pirated music, but... I been waiting for this shit forever and a few years. Now, big ups to for having the leak almost as soon as it got out, and for the Ice Cube leak, which I will review soon. I just reviewed the Black Wall mixtape, so you should have a basic understanding of who Jayceon Taylor is. Game earned my respect after doing collabs with Nas, DJ Quik, Erick Sermon, Rah Digga, and Cube. This dude is a true hip hop head (although his references are a little excessive sometimes). I think Game has a legitimate argument for being the best mainstream rapper out right now. I'll say The Documentary really got me interested, the G-Unit affiliation always warded me off though (word, I hated Buck, Banks, 50 and Yayo even when they had respect). I thought "Doctor's Advocate" might have been one of the best albums released in 06. Then Game made us wait for nearly two years, then I heard "Big Dreams" and was amazed like everyone else (try to tell me your not feeling that track). Then Game's Pain with Keyshia Cole really got me excited for the new album... so I'm giving it the first listen with y'all.

The Good:

Track #2- L.A.X. Files- Damn... it's like Game took the raw emotion from "Why You Hate The Game" and L.A.X. is just Doctor's Advocate Part 2... this song goes hard, the whole time.

Track #4-BulletProof Diaries- These are the collabs I'm talking about... who would ever think Game would get....... Raekwon to spit a verse. Game's Wu references are on point, and now I'm excited for "Only Built For Cuban Linx 2"... Rae does damage. Hip hop heads will appreciate this track.

Track #5-My Life- This track was bound to be horrible with Lil Weezy on this track... but thankfully he only does the hook, and lets Game FUCKING MURDER this track... Cool & Dre provide a sick beat.

Track #6- Money- Once you warm up to this track (it may take a while), you will find it to be a modern classic... that's not a statement to be taken liberally, the beat is amazing... and the whole song is immaculate. Sadly, the last Cool and Dre contribution :(

Track #12- Let Us Live- Game goes nearly acapella, and his storytelling is comparable to NaS on this track... one of my favorites so far.

Track #14- Angel- How can you not be excited by a Common collab? This track delivers... Kanye gives Game a mouth watering beat, Common murks, Chi-town meets the City of Angels.... I still Love H.E.R.

Track #16- Dope Boys- Big Dreams Part 2.

Track #17- Game's Pain- This is just as good as when I first heard it... this is how you salute hip-hop. Shit's real hot.

Track #18- Letter To The King- This is the second album in a row, where Game features NaS on the last song. It's like Ol English meets Why You Hate The Game. At first a tribute to MLK seems like a strong idea, but then when these two spit, you just get lost in lyricism, and Hi-Tek presents a perfect backdrop. Amazing...

I gotta say I'm impressed, at first I was expecting something totally different because this doesn't really sound like either of his previous albums... but it's just as good if not better, but in a different way. You've a got a couple of songs for the ladies, a few for the radio, and a few that are just weak... but the majority of the songs on this album are just classic.

0-20: Terrible listening experience
21-40: Maybe one good song
41-60: A few good songs
61-80: Half are good songs, half are weak
81-100: Great listening experience, almost all are great songs

I give this album a 85, I would definitely cop it when you can, but here's a dirty link for you dirty pirates.

For all the dirty cats


Were Read 2 Def said...

U 4got sum other good tracks like House of Pain n da 1 where he spits like Pac, Big n Easy. Great album, but I liked Big Dreams, wish it made da album.