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2:21 PM

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Posted by Guy Fawkes

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Chrysovalanti Chrysti Walters said...

What up Hip Hop Mortuary,_

This is Chrysti from from Platform One Entertainment in Chicago. One
of my coworkers, Jared, emailed you a couple weeks back with one of
our hip hop artists, Wordsmith.

I was wondering if you had the chance to check him out, or are open to
giving a listen to some of
P1's new hip hop material for some honest feedback, review, and/ or
any involvement with Hip Hop M. We'd really like to work with you guys in
any way--you don't have to post it on Hip Hop M, we'd really just like
to hear a quick initial reaction on the strength of the music. That
said, if you happen to dig this any of these artists, we'd love any
coverage you could offer.

- Riz is a new R&B act out of LA who I would best describe as Akon
meets Neyo meets Lady Gaga. Below is a link to download 2 of his
singles and also a link to check out this dope promotion we are
hosting around his new video, “She Loves Me.”

- Tugun Cannon is a new rapper out of Cleveland and below are 2 tracks
off his forthcoming that will be release next month:

Also, if you happened to lose the original link Jared had sent over,
here is where you can check out the new material from Wordsmith.

Please let me know if you're willing to hit me back with commentary,
or if you'd like bio/pics etc on these artist.

Thanks and good lookin out.