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5:13 PM

Artists Over Industry/ Leaps and Bounds

Posted by Guy Fawkes

Damn, not an album you can find at every site. I don't even remember where I copped this shit from, but thank god I did... people, open your eyes to cats like these... don't wait for them to get recognition, you have to dig for this shit, but it could change your life. Artists Over Industry is a group consisted of
Inkwell the Biologic and Windchill, these two could be called Christian rap. I don't know which is which, but one sounds just like Ant from Atmosphere, and the other has a unique voice. Both these dudes can flow and rhyme with the best but most importantly these guys LOVE HIP HOP. Sorry if I'm hyping them too much. I don't know much about the history of this group, but I have always been one to believe that music speaks for itself. Be ready for tons of turntabling, and beautiful jazz instrumentals. And don't worry about the Christian rap label, these cats can rhyme circles around most mainstream artists. Don't expect average lyrics, you will have to keep up with these guys, it's not punchline after punchline. More like vivid storytelling.

The Good:

Track #2- Back In The Day- Damn, listen to this track and try not to get goosebumps... that goes for you too hip hop heads. Storytelling at it's best and the instrumental is just SICK! "With a pen and a pad is where you'll find me/ Trapped in the early 90's"

Track #4- Against All Odds- The turntabling, the gentle beat, and the verbal imagery is just sick... this isn't a song you forget'll have to replay it.

Track #6- Life Is Calling- This is a good song, but the lyrics and the instrumental feel out of place. Still enjoyable though.

Track #7- Hunger Pains- Wow, I'm really feeling the turntabling, and the soft instrumentals, the beat is overpowering, but the lyrics are still strong.

Track #8- Silent Echoes- The hook is really weak, but the lyrics are straight murder... check this track out.

Track #12- Sunlight Remix- Remarkably soulful, I think this is a worthy collection to anyone's music collection. It's amazing.

Track #13- Insight- Again very soulful, and a very insightful look at life. I love the jazz on this track.

Track #15- Throw In The Towel- Huh... just listen I guess, it's hard to describe.

Track #17- Come To This- Well, it's another track, where he's wondering where God is... kind of a repetitive subject... great instrumental again, but it's pretty average again.

Track #18- Die Another Day- Completely different instrumental from what you would expect after listening to the whole album... this is quite the innovative way to peace out.

This album is not for everyone, but if your willing to experiment and listen to different types of music, you will be rewarded. This is something it will take quite some time to treasure, but the instrumental's are amazing... and even though these dude's can spit... they ultimately sound like "stereotypical Christians rhyming about what God's plan for them is"... but you will be surprised if you listen, I promise.

0-20: Terrible listening experience
21-40: Maybe one good song
41-60: A few good songs
61-80: Half are good songs, half are weak
81-100: Great listening experience, almost all are great songs

I give this album a 76. It's good, but definitely repetitive, if you get the instrumental version, you might appreciate it more, even though the rhymes are pretty good. But know it's time for you to decide.

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