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Lupe Fiasco/The Cool

Posted by Guy Fawkes

Lupe Fiasco is a very special talent. How special? Even the anti-rap media has begun to accept and embrace him. That gives you an indication of his talent. Food & Liquor was a great album, and definitely set him up with fans interested if Lupe could make another go-round at it. Personally, I felt Food & Liquor wasn't Lupe's "debut" was more like his mainstream coming-out party. It's impressive how Lupe makes his music without notable producers. That being said, Soundtrakk produced almost all of the stand-out tracks on "Food & Liquor" : "Kick, Push", "He Say She Say", "Sunshine", and the amazing "The Emperor's Soundtrack". These songs were probably my favorite 4 tracks off the album, so I was very pleased when I found out that Soundtrakk would produce the majority of the album. And I was simply hoping for an album that would measure up to the hype that Lupe was getting from the underground community. Be warned that "The Cool" is a concept album... which does not always fare well... just as a precaution.

The Good:

Track #5-Superstar- It takes a while to reach a decent song... but at the 5th stop we reach the single (which is surprisingly good). This is a very intimate song that is definitely very radio friendly... but leaves you wanting for more.

Track #6-Paris, Tokyo- Soundtrakk's instrumental is masterful... this is one of the best beats I've ever heard. The chorus is amazing... but Lupe's flow doesen't fit at all...and his lines don't fit either. This track had a lot of potential.

Track #7- Hi-Definition- Thankfully Snoop does the hook, and only ruins the last verse, the beat is sick... and Lupe definitely delivers.

Track #8- Gold Watch- You will find it hard to focus on what Lupe's saying... because of the vocal sample. This is an old school track fit with contemporary lyrics. And the hook... Wow! If I haven't mentioned it yet, Lupe has admitted to modeling this album after "It Was Written", which is somewhat logical I guess. This song has a sample of "Black Girl Lost", which I guess pertains to the above statement.

Track #9-Hip Hop Saved My Life- Once you hear it you will fall in love with it. Perfect beat, perfect lines. Best so far. Instant replay. And watch for the gaming references.

Track #10- Intruder Alert- Another great song. A very chill beat, and Lupe's storytelling takes you to a different place...amazing in a different breadth than the previous track.

Track #12-Little Weapon- Lupe outshines himself line after line. The hook is immaculate, and the drumroll/ beat fits the song perfectly. Bishop G almost outshines Lupe on this track which is definitely saying something. Simply amazing.

Track #13-Gotta Eat-This song is ok. The beat is good, the lines are good, everything is good... but you expect more after the above track...but this song is still very good.

Track #14-Dumb it Down- Soundtrakk gives Lupe a simple beat...and Lupe shows the world what lyricism is. His lines remind me of his lines in "Daydreamin" with his metaphors. Simply put, this song is mind altering. I never thought it was possible to be this lyrical. He takes hip-hop to a new level. It's that good....although I don't care much for the chorus.

Track #16-The Die- This is clearly a song that Lupe felt he needed for this to really be a concept album...but it is a good song...both Lupe and Gemstones rhyme like madmen and it turns out to be a great track.

Track #17-Put You On The Game- Wow this is a song comparable to "Dumb It Down".... listen to this track and simply marvel at Lupe's lyricism. The beat also works great.

Track #18-Fighters- I love the chill aspect of this song...this is a great track not in the sense of the previous track, but more in the sense of the song "He say She Say" off his last album. Still a very good song. Combo with the singer that's also on "Superstar".

I can't say I love this album as much as I do his debut, but it is still a memorable album. The lyricism and special ability of Lupe Fiasco is very much present on this album, and I believe creates insane anticipation for Lupe's supposed final album LupEND. Lupe distances himself from "Kick, Push" the song that made him mainstream, and pushes his audience to a lyrical level few artists can. And I for one greatly appreciate it. F&F up.

0-20: Terrible listening experience
21-40: Maybe one good song
41-60: A few good songs
61-80: Half are good songs, half are weak
81-100: Great listening experience, almost all are great songs

I give this album a 88, I'd definitely cop it, and I'd even suggest buying it... but since I know no one will I got a download link for the people that were sleeping on my man:

Download Here


Were Read 2 Def said...

Dumb It Down n Put You On Game r da shyt. I luv da cinematic production on Put You On Game.

Anonymous said...

i disagree on a few points...

like..saying superstar is the first good track to me is crazy, since the coolest is prolly top 3 on the album....

and to be frank....
"gotta eat", is probably one of the best concept songs ever written....

dont believe me? play it for someone without telling them what its about...they will just assume its about a gangster...thats why i thought it was so plain and weak lyrically for the first 2 times i heard it...

but once i remembered what i had heard about him doing a track on fast food....and i figured out what the song was actually about, i was hooked...

good reviews on this site though...