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6:55 AM

Bushwick Bill/Phantom of the Rapra

Posted by Guy Fawkes

I'm sorry, I know it's been almost a week since I last posted, thanks to everyone who stopped by anyways. I just looked through the site, and I really felt as though, there is no real 90's southern rap on here at all. And even though, I'm not the Geto Boy's biggest fan by any means, I can appreciate the music Scaface, Willie D and Bushwick Bill have made. I was looking through my collection of unheard CD's and this was at the top, usually I skip through it, but for some reason I really had a lot of motivation to give this CD a chance. Doesn't hurt that I just heard "My Mind's Playing Tricks On Me" last night... one of the finest tracks to come out of the south ever. And I personally find Bushwick Bill to be a pioneer of the horrorcore genre, even more so than Scarface or Willie D. While Big L was earning props in the NYC, Bill had the south on lock. Anyway, good for nothing long ass intro...

The Good:

2. What Cha Gonna Do- One of the best intro's I've heard in a while, there's something to be said about Bushwick's cool laid-back style which perfectly compliments this chill instrumental. "What you gonna do when the world goes by? I'm a light a spliff and keep getting high".

3. Times Is Hard- Another slow relaxing instrumental, this time Bill spits about getting out of the ghetto, and it's really a heartfelt song.

4. Who's The Biggest- I was waiting for one of these songs... and it's your typical babble about "size doesn't matter, step to me and I'll kill you". You could listen to it, but you know what's coming next.

5. Ex-Girlfriend- Another slow-ass chill instrumental, and Bill is so at home over these beats it's crazy. The topic matter is pretty average, but still Bushwick puts his own different twist on it.

9. Subliminal Criminal- Huh... well... He compares himself to Chucky about 25 times too many for my liking, but it's not a bad song. The beat is very interesting, has electronic bass and all sorts of stuff mixed in, still I was kind of bored with this track.

10. Inhale, Exhale- This is "My Mind's Playing Tricks On Me" part 2. I swear, listen to the song and the theme is carried over, and the beat sounds almost identical.

And that'll do it for this album. Only 12 tracks, and over 200 references to the Devil, Hitler, and Chucky... seemed kind of lame to me, but considering the time, I guess it wasn't too played out back in the mid-90's. Some great production on this album, and when Bushwick isn't lacing the wax with Satanic prayers and what-not this album came correct.

0-20: Terrible listening experience
21-40: Maybe one good song
41-60: A few good songs
61-80: Half are good songs, half are weak
81-100: Great listening experience, almost all are great songs

I give this album a 76... if the Geto Boys are your shit, then you'll undoubtedly enjoy this album, but if your looking for 8Ball & MJG esque southern music... this likely won't float your boat, even less so if your expecting Outkast type shit. Those are my two cents:

Download Here
P.S. I know ZShare is down, but this is the only link I could find.


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