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Elzhi/The Preface

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I never heard of Elzhi, but quickly realized hes a part of Slum Village. Of course, I heard of em, but never really check their music doe. I heard alotta people luvd Elzhi's new record The Preface, so I thought Id give it a shot. BTW..its mostly produced by Black Milk. Lets c if its worth da praise.

1. Intro (The Preface) - Elzhi n his boy complain bout da rap game n show us how 2 make a classic. He then kix a brief rhyme. All which is over sum beautiful soul production. Nice intro track.

2. The Leak - This is prob da most borin track on da album, which says a whole lot bout The Preface (Ull ketchup lata). I say borin cuz of da production, which seems repetitive but catchy. I keep hearin "its the leak" over n over n my head. Im not sayin its a bad song either. Elzhi comes correct doe, hes such a great lyricist. But its "the leak you wanna hear."

3. Guessing Game - Da title of da song says it all. Jus listen 2 da chorus. Its a guessin game. Elzhi spits a line which ends n 1 syllable of a 2 syllable word n b4 he spits da 2nd, ur supposed 2 guess da word. Dont let him fool ya doe. Very creative song. I luv it. Hip Hop needs more shit like this. Nice drums 2.

4. Motown 25 - Elzhi rips this soulful work of art, while Royce "seems kinda lazy." His flow was jus slower. Dont worry he still spits flames. This no hook track is nice 2 sling darts round.

5. Brag Swag - This rite here is prob my fav cuz I luv da beat, Elzhi's brag sway n da Hov sample, "nigga u heard what I said." Im glad sum producer still use scratchin.

6. Colors - "OK kids, today we learn the color schemes." Here he name drops all da colors n his short stories over a nice catchy beat. "What exactly did we learn?" "We learned that Elzhi's da shit!" "Oh you right."

7. Fire (Remix) - Posse cut here over a simplistic beat. Get 2gether ur metaphors n similes. I mostly hit skip. Its jus not as good as da other songs.

8. D.E.M.O.N.S. - Elzhi gives several meanings of da acronym which is da title of da song. My fav would b "Devils Effecting Music Out Now on your Stations." Jus more creative shit 4 ya ears.

9. Save Ya - Da message here is he isnt Captain Save A Ho. Mo soulful shit 4 ya ears.

10. Yeah - This 1s got sum mesmerizin horns. Elzhi's boy Fat Cat schools da hatas on this track..."I dont water my shit down 4 da record execs." Elzhi spits gems 2..."I light up White Pubs like light bulbs." Nice!

11. Transitional Joint - Another nice track wit a soul sample. Here he rhymes bout love. Nuthin real excitin, but not bad either.

12. Talking In My Sleep - This 1 sounds like it coulda been produced by 4th Disciple or Mathematics for a Killah Priest joint. Nice production. Elzhi raps bout all his dreams, his 4 real dreams. Great track.

13. The Science - "On that 2Pac Juice tip." Descent track that is 1 of 2 that wasnt produced by Black Milk.

14. Hands Up - I dont no y no1 has used these samples n concept b4. Great story bout stickin up a store. "Hands up! Freeze, Freeze, Freeze, Freeze!"

15. What I Write - I luv da writtin n da background. Its on sum Stan shit n I think Proof had a song like that 2. Did I mention that I luv a good soul sample? Ha! This track is self explanatory, he talks bout what he writes bout.

16. Growing Up - Da sample n this track was used n Red Gone Wild. Personally, I like Redman's version better, but not a whole lotta difference.

0-20: Terrible listening experience
21-40: Maybe 1 good song
41-60: A few good songs
61-80: Half r good songs, half r weak
81-100: Great listening experience, almost all r great songs

1 word...CLASSIC! I would give this album a 95 rating. WoW, is that even high nuff? But then again, maybe Im bein bias cuz this is da kinda Hip Hop I luv. BOY...was I blown away! I had 2 listen 2 it over n over 2 soak up da entire feel. Elzhi's creative ideas n messages r great n really hit home wit me. There wasnt a bad track at all. Not 2 mention Elzhi's lyrically game is quite high n hes a very witty writer as well. When I think bout it, I havent been this excited bout an album since Blu & Exile's Below The Heavens. I think older heads r gonna appreciate this album since younger fans luv da shit on da radio, but if u r younger I would still encourage u 2 give it a listen. Basically, if ur a fan of great lyrics over soulful production, then dont even DL it...go buy The Preface.

4 Da Thieves


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12kyle said...

i didn't know that he had dropped a cd. i have to cop this! lol

12kyle said...

for some reason...i can't get rar files. do you have anutha site?

Guy Fawkes said...

Download this to open rar files...

Or here's a zip file

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