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10:21 AM

Allen Iverson/ 40 Bars (Underground)

Posted by Guy Fawkes

What? A.I. released an album? Yep, this was before David Stern decided to cut down on the "urban" influence on the NBA. Allen aka Jewels probably felt bored and decided to throw an album together, that's what I'm guessing anyways. Although I have heard good things about this album, guess I'll find out soon enough...

The Good:

1. 40 Bars- Damn... don't let the album cover throw you off, cuz this song is gritty as fuck. Like Wu-Tang gritty, not Shaquille O'Neal gritty... and did I mention that Jewels can spit fire?

2. Answer VI- I don't know any self-respecting rapper that would put an basketball commercial on their debut album. But after a good listen I noticed that it's an above average collab between Jada and Jewels. By the way I'm just wondering how Allen was able to secure all these exclusive guest features on his album.

3. Crystalized- Allen has a great ear for instrumentals, this jazzy beat illuminates the calm flow that shines throughout this track... also note that A.I. rhymes circles around both of his features, which can either be interpreted as A.I. being superhuman, or that the rap game was in shambles even in 1997.

5. Gunlow- Goddamn... another banging instrumental, and Jewels rips this track a new asshole, maybe more than one asshole... I think Cormega features here too, which proves that A.I. really is a street dude.

9. Rapin Tha Game- After skipping a few club tracks, you reach this song. And once again Allen rhymes circles around his guest feature... sounds like Lil Kim, which makes the feat less credible, but still commendable.

11. Stronjay- This is a double track, and both songs are hot. The first song displays Jewels' great storytelling, and the second track is just insane lyricism.

12. War Games- It's one of those tracks you nod your head to, but don't remember anything about it 2 minutes later.

14. Answer V- Another commercial verse, except this one is much hotter over the same instrumental.

15. Time To Build- Allen's verse is crazy sick, and almost compares to Jay's verse... Jay as in Jay-Z, who sounds awkward as fuck over this instrumental, but still turns in a fly 16.

And that'll do it. I was really surprised by this album, I thought it would be a gimmick, but A.I. can really rhyme and flow with the veterans. There are actually quite a few good tracks to check out on this album, so I would suggest a download.

0-20: Terrible listening experience
21-40: Maybe one good song
41-60: A few good songs
61-80: Half are good songs, half are weak
81-100: Great listening experience, almost all are great songs

I give this album a 85... minus the club bangers and the few weak tracks, and this album would have been a sparkling debut. In fact, I still see this album as a sparkling debut, kinda makes me wonder why Jewels ended his rap career prematurely... oh yeah, David Stern.

Download Here


12kyle said...

yoooo!!! I never heard this cd. The only song that i ever heard was 40 bars

Anonymous said...

Allen doing his

Gotsta check on him

Platinum said...

I might have to cop this album after reading your review man.

Kirk50 said...

This is not an Allen Iverson CD. I cannot say this any simpler. For instance, Time to Build is a song by Mic Geronimo, Ja Rule, Jay, and DMX. "War Games," and "Stronjay" are O.C. It goes on and on. This is embarrassing for your blog, and i disagree with a lot of your ratings, but its good to see hip-hop is still alive out there.


Anonymous said...

i love ai hes amazing and sexy the album is bangin and true hes my #1 reach me baby!!!4094348824

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