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6:23 PM

Ice Cube/ Laugh Now, Cry Later

Posted by Guy Fawkes

For someone who created gangsta rap Ice Cube has received an insane amount of flak for his roles in PG movies. From NWA to WC to all of his other ventures, Cube not only created gangsta rap, but rap in general, before N.W.A. all we had was hip-hop. But if we all judged music by people's character, then 50 Cent wouldn't exist, Eazy E would never be a legend, and Common would take Nas's place as God's Son. Altogether I wondered what Cube's album would be about after seeing him in those Disney ass movies. I wasn't expecting "Kill at Will", "Death Certificate" or "The Predator" but I wasn't expecting a soundtrack to "Are We Done Yet" either. One more thing, I don't respect Cube trying to appease his gangsta rap fans with this album, after creating his Twinky soft films. But give this album a listen, you might be surprised, and check out his new album (I'll review it soon).

The Good:

Track #2- Why We Thugs- Probably as commercial as Cube can get, this is obviously a single, it's catchy, and for some reason I like it.

Track #3- Smoke Some Weed- This will probably be your favorite song after you listen to the whole album, it is abrasive and the definition of gangsta rap.

Track #5- Child Support- Cube is done?!? CUBE IS DONE??? Didn't think so. "You want child support GET IT OUTCHA ASS BITCH!" This is a fucking banger.

Track #7- Doin What It Pose 2 Do- This track does what it pose 2 do. Another banger... listen to this shit loud.

Track #8- Laugh Now, Cry Later- This track appropriately summarizes the whole album. Some funny storytelling, in a style only Cube can spit it.

Track #9- Stop Snitchin- Dammnn... Cube ain't kidding... who can fuck with this? Even Swizz Beatz produces some hot shit.

Track #10- Go To Church- Cube keeps rolling, a 4 track winning streak now... I can't say I love this song as much as the others. Lil Jon's beat is pretty sick, Cube's hook and verses are sick as usual and even Snoop delivers.

Track #11- Nigga Trapp- A different type of track, an insightful look at Ice Cube, the gangsta rapper who promotes safe sex and steers away from his ghetto anthems. This is a song for all the hip hop heads.

Track #13- Growin' Up- One more song for the hip hop heads, this shows you who Cube really is. And the beat fits perfectly... gotta love this quick autobiography.

Track #14- Click Clack, Get Back- And Cube gets back to the bangers, and this beat could overpower most rappers, but most rappers do not go by O'Shea Jackson. He murders this song.

Track #15- The Game Lord- This is actually a below average track compared to the above tracks. Still it's pretty good.

Track #16- Chrome&Paint- This song takes me back to the mid 90's... you would never guess this song was made in 2006. A nostalgic experience to say the least.

Track #17- Steal The Show- Definitely a single for the ladies but it's still enjoyable.

Track #19- Spittin Pollaseeds- I wonder where the idea for this song came... Kokane's hook is dreadful, but Cube annihilates this track and the beat is great.

Track #20- Holla @ Cha Boy- The best Lil Jon could ever do, and it's an impressive track to end on.

I used to like this album, but once I listened to it again, I realized how impressive this album really is. It's more than a way to silence the critics but really provides his fans motivation to buy his new album (Go COP that shit).

0-20: Terrible listening experience
21-40: Maybe one good song
41-60: A few good songs
61-80: Half are good songs, half are weak
81-100: Great listening experience, almost all are great songs

I give this album a 93. It is an album you can listen from cover to cover. You should cop this shit and "Raw Footage" but since I love my readers so much:

Download NOW!!

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Were Read 2 Def said...

I was very suprised wit dis album.