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3:18 PM

The Game/ Doctor's Advocate

Posted by Guy Fawkes

One more Game for ya ass. When did The Game really gain support for his claim that he was "bringing the West back"? I hopped on the bandwagon after this album, because even though "The Documentary" was good, it was boring. The production was a lot more varied on this album too... because after one album Game decided he could travel the path to greatness without the Doctor. It helps that Game finally found out he can't beef with everyone (dude has a pretty lengthy yet impressive resume). There isn't so much name-calling on this album. It looks like "Big Dreams" targeted everyone Game ever beefed with. And now that he put 50 behind him we can finally recognize him for something other than the over dramatized theatrics between the two. On a more celebratory note, I can honestly say this is a classic West Coast album, put it right next to Dre's classics, Cube's, and Andre Nickatina's (reviews coming soon). For all y'all that know about Dre Dog. Dare I say that "Doctor's Advocate" is better than "L.A.X."? We shall find out.

The Good:

Track #1-Lookin At You- This is a Don King track in every sense of the expression. The sample in the middle of the track is just menacing, as is the beat.

Track #2- Da Shit- The beat bangs and Game controls your ears for the few minutes this track lasts. Not much substance, but you can definitely bang this one.

Track #3- It's Okay (One Blood)- Is this song overhyped? Not at all. All the name-dropping you could ever hope for. Yet it's probably one of the best songs of 2006.

Track #4- Compton- Not a song you would ever expect Will.I.Am. to produce, but the instrumental itself summarizes the Compton movement.

Track #5- Remedy- Just Blaze provides a blitzkrieg of turntabling, piano, and thumping bass. And while this isn't Game at his best, it is definitely something any rap fan can appreciate.

Track #7- Too Much- Soft piano lends the musical background to Game's lyrical annihilation.

Track #9- Scream On Em- Actually a worthwhile contribution from Swizz Beatz. This song goes back and forth, first Game rapes this song into submission, then he goes easy, and in the third verse he finishes the job.

Track #10- One Night-I love the beat, and the raw emotion and story telling makes this the most memorable song so far, and even the weak hook doesn't subtract from this track.

Track #11- Doctor's Advocate- "Start From Scratch" part 2.

Track #12- Ol English- This song could easily be on "Eazy Duz It". Game's storytelling here is classic, and hats off to Hi-Tek.

Track #13- California Vacation- I can imagine that this track was on replay at west coast radio stations for a loooong time. The beat bangs, Game murders it, Snoop almost ruins it, but Xzibit brings it back, and maybe even outrhymes Game. Why does every mainstream rapper feel burdened to include Snoop on their albums?

Track #14- Bang- Kurupt and Daz are more than welcome on this track. And you've got the hardest song off the album.

Track #15- Around The World- I've never liked these types of songs. But I'll admit that this track is good.

Track #16-Why You Hate The Game- Whoa...all I can say, Game decides to make an album full of bangers and then features NaS on the very last track. Blaze's beat is sick, Escobar's lines are fucking ill, and Game straight murders shit. Love this track. "I don't talk about my guns nigga I just blaze". I guess it's smart to put this track at the end to tempt hip-hop fans with what could one day be. What a farewell.

This album follows "The Documentary's" formula perfectly, half the songs are bangers, and half are heartfelt songs full of raw emotion. The difference between the two album is The Game's maturation as a lyricist and his menacing presence on the mic.

0-20: Terrible listening experience
21-40: Maybe one good song
41-60: A few good songs
61-80: Half are good songs, half are weak
81-100: Great listening experience, almost all are great songs

I give this album a 92. The Game sounds like a completely new artist from The Documentary... and every hip hop fan should pick this album up. I'm not even going to give you any babble about how weak and defenseless I am to providing links for my readers:

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Jay Pud said...

There is no way that this cd is a 92. I'd give it an 87 at best, and that's one because he had the sense to shine his wheelz.

Were Read 2 Def said...

Games best album he'll eva make.

Anonymous said...

Hmm.. I've thought about this very much..... and I agree with you to some degree.