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8:58 AM

Project Pat/ Walkin' Bank Roll

Posted by Guy Fawkes

I've been wanting to give Project Pat a listen, and 3 6, but I found this on my Zune first. I just saw "Hustle And Flow" last night, and it was aight, the ending was epic as hell, but ultimately part of the soundtrack sounded really good which made me want to get into some Memphis rap. Not gonna front and pretend like I know a lot about this dude besides that he was on the funniest show to ever appear on MTV: "Adventures In Hollyhood". If I ever watch that show again, you can expect either a 3 6 or a Lil Wyte review the next day, but for today, readers will have to settle for Patrick Stephen Houston

The Good:

2. Rubberband Me- As much as I should hate this song, for some reason I find it enjoyable. The instrumental is pretty hot, and the hook is even pretty good, and for a southern lyricist Pat can flow pretty well even if he isn't very lyrical.

4. Talkin' Smart- Probably one of the last songs that Pimp C would ever make, and it's actually really good.

6. Powder- Another track that I shouldn't like, but it sounds good... I especially like the slow flow and the hook is menacing as fuck.

10. Hit It- I just noticed how well produced this album is, and this track is an overt example, even though the hook is downright fucking horrible.

14. See Me- Ehh... I guess this song is alright.

15. Bull Frog Yay- Another very well produced track... the hook is hot, and this great instrumental almost drones out Project Pat's voice (which is always a plus).

And that will be it, not a very good album, a few good songs, and quite a few terrible ones.

0-20: Terrible listening experience
21-40: Maybe one good song
41-60: A few good songs
61-80: Half are good songs, half are weak
81-100: Great listening experience, almost all are great songs

I give this album a 45... only a few songs that are actually recommendable, and I can find alternatives that are much better.

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