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Mos Def/ Black On Both Sides (Link re-upped)

Posted by Guy Fawkes

People that don't know too much about today's hip-hop are quick to label two innovative New-York MC's as hip-hop's saviors: Talib Kweli and Mos Def. Kweli for his lyricism and optimistic message, and Mos Def for his old-school sound and resemblance for what hip hop really stands for. Needless to say, Dante Terell Smith has his fair share of fans, and very few haters. Not surprisingly, Mos Def has taken his successful rap career and translated it into the money cow that is movies. He started with hip-hop related movies, and now he can secure any role he wants... and it's good to see the good guy finally receive what he deserves. Mos Def proved that you can sell records and make great albums without "gun's, sex, drugs, and ho's". And it's amazing how the hip-hop community embraced this guy, from Ali Shaheed Muhammad to Primo to Diamond D to countless others... on a debut album, how insane is that...

The Good:

2. Hip Hop- Samples from Eric B and Rakim, O.C. and David Axelrod should be placed on a track named "hip-hop"... the opening line:
"Speech is my hammer/bang the world into a shape and let it fall"... yeah I know it doesn't rhyme, but that's a crazy opening line. Accompanied by that sitting in the park kicking rhymes vibe. The instrumental is insanely engaging.

3. Love- Deeply introspective Mos Def lyrics over a blatant 88 Keys instrumental, this is a song that will get you thinking. If only Mos would rhyme more than he sings...

4. Ms. Fat Booty- If you haven't yet heard this song, it should be number one on your list.

5. Speed Law- At first this track sounds boring, but upon a second listen you will learn to love this track. The lyricism is crazy.

6. Do It Now- This seems like it would be an ill-fated collaboration with Mos and Busta, but this song is mad sick. Check it out... Do it now.

11. Know That- Supposedly Mos Def only sounds good with Kweli, and even though that isn't true... this may be the most underrated song off this album. No hype, yet this song is AWESOME.

13. Brooklyn- Never been a fan of changing instrumentals mid-song... but this track makes me a believer. The first two instrumentals are commendable pieces of work, but the "Who Shot Ya" instrumental is very out of place and ruins an otherwise great song.

14. Habitat- This track just takes me back, and it's not so much about what Mos is saying, but what memories his lyrics trigger. I love the hook (not a constant occurrence) and the instrumentals is supremely produced.

15. Mr. Nigga- I remember I was reading about this album back in 99 and I read about the semi-controversial "Mr. Nigga" and I instantly knew that Q-Tip was going to jump on the track. 9 years later, I am now working as a telephone psychic... and still banging this track.
Gets back on that "Ms. Fat Booty" tip with the storytelling, and interestingly Mos gives all women the same accent.

16. Mathematics- What songs didn't DJ Premier sample for the hook? Regardless this was the song with the most hype, obviously because of the producer... but Mos makes the instrumental his own and murders this instrumental. Probably his best lyricistic performance.

And that will conclude this review. I had this album on my to-do list for quite a long time, and after finishing it, I can honestly say that this album is a huge addition for the site, as well as for hip-hop in general.

0-20: Terrible listening experience
21-40: Maybe one good song
41-60: A few good songs
61-80: Half are good songs, half are weak
81-100: Great listening experience, almost all are great songs

I give this album a 91. Like I said, supremely produced, and when Mos Def isn't singing, he's spitting fire.

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Were Read 2 Def said...

WoW! Ill have 2 give it a listen.

Clarence said...

yo the download is juss only instrumentals do you have the full version

Anonymous said...

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