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The Invisible Man/Rebirth Of The Fresh EP

Posted by Guy Fawkes

The Invisible Man aka Dan Johnson reached out to me to check out this EP. I can't say I know anything about this cat, so let's get started. Since it's a 6 track EP, I will do track by track.

1. Medical Crew- The production isn't the best, and The Invisible Man doesn't have a very exciting voice, but the lyricism and flow is something you have to check out. "Step into the doctor's office and I'll check your reflex/ Get it bouncin like I'm steppin with a T Rex". And the hook (sampled in a Wu Tang sort of way) sounds awesome.

2. Breathmints (Something Fishy)- The instrumental is dull, but the storytelling is impressive. And the hook is wierd but in a good way.

3. Nonsense- Huh... he flows crazy and the lyric are crazy. A better instrumental and this would be a banger.

4. Hyde and Seek- Start to drift away and relax, the lyrics are crazy again.

5. Fresh To Death- This track is well-produced and it is enjoyable to listen to... and it is uniquely made. I really enjoyed this track.

6. Rebirth of The Fresh- Another unique instrumental, great lyricism... yet it's still a little dull.

I'm a brutally honest person, and even though Dan Johnson is a great person, this EP was not my cup of tea. The production is severely lacking, all the beats sound good but are too eerie and gray to enjoy. The Invisible Man has the biggest monotone ever, it really detaches from the overall message. After abusing my man, I'll say that his lyrical game is crazy, if you really start to listen, you'll hear crazy rhyme schemes and flow adjustments. Even if The Invisible Man never makes it as a rhymer, he'll probably be your favorite rapper's favorite ghostwriter.
This album needs no rating, I gave you guys all the motivation you will need. If your interested in good lyricism... check out this album.

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