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DJ Drama/Gangsta Grillz Volume 17 (Mixtape)

Posted by Guy Fawkes

There's one series that towers over all mixtapes, and that is "Gangsta Grillz" (you bastards) lol... it's really how DJ Drama and Don Cannon have made their names. Although mixtapes are usually a place to exhibit new talent and unsigned hype, Gangsta Grillz uses a different formula which is very clever if I may say so myself. DJ Drama aka Tyree Cinque Simmons compiles the latest songs off artist's mixtapes and makes a definitive list of what's hot right now... kind of like "Kidz Bop" for online gangsters. Usually included are singles and remixes. Also a fun fact, maybe I'm speaking too early, but Tyree really enjoys to take pictures of himself from the side... in fact I've never seen an album cover where he faces forward. Off topic, so let's start:

The Good:

2. Gangsta Grillz Intro- Somehow they manage to fit in 5 guest verses into less than two minutes... if anything only check this track out for Ludacris' sick ass verse.

6. 3000 Something- I've read everywhere that Andre 3k kills this Jay beat, but it's only average for me...

7. They Know (Remix)- This beat is fucking ill! But Shawty Lo can't rhyme to save his fucking life, how the hell did he get this beat in the first place?

9. Never- The new Scarface verse which has appeared in more places than his Greatest Hits album (which probably has yet to sell one copy). Not a good time to put out a best of album... but if he makes a few more of these tracks Scarface will be relevant soon enough.

11. I'm A Beast- This has always been one of my favorite Lil Wayne tracks... which is saying something, crazy beat, and always sharp lyricism (imagine if Lil Wayne could flow, had an ear for beats, and didn't flood the market).

16. For The Love of Money- The orgasm sample is terribly out of place, but you will be pleasantly surprised by LA The Darkman's verse on here even if Willie The Kid takes lyricism to an all-time low a few seconds later.

17. Umma Do Me (Remix)- Just check out the original... Rocko blows.

19. For A Minute- B.G. actually goes hard on this track, and the production is very well done. T.I. only appears on the hook which is actually a good thing.

21. Hand On My Glock- Another sick-ass La The Darkman and Willie The Kid collab... even Willie comes with some fire.

22. I'm So Hood (Remix)- I really wanted to hate this song, but I just can't... at the same time I don't love it. It's a pretty decent remix, too many features for my liking.

25. Ridin Down The Freeway- A good Young Buck track? Can't be... but it is. Make sure you read carefully, this song is only good, and nothing more, but it's not the usual garbage that Buck comes with. The instrumental is just begging to be sampled, another great production job by Drama.

And we're done. I was actually really surprised by this mixtape, I was expecting something terrible when I looked at the track listing, but it's actually pretty good.

0-20: Terrible listening experience
21-40: Maybe one good song
41-60: A few good songs
61-80: Half are good songs, half are weak
81-100: Great listening experience, almost all are great songs

I give this mixtape a 76..

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