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12:55 PM

David Banner/ The Greatest Story Ever Told

Posted by Guy Fawkes

I've been swamped for time, so I decided to do an easy review, and I thought who better than David Banner? Even though his career has been short, Lavell Adrian Crump is one of the worst producers I have ever heard... and his rhymes are on the same level. I actually have known about David Banner for a good five years, "Mississippi: The Album"(not the state) got crazy hype, and even though I didn't check it out, I was still interested to see if David Banner could live up to his hype. Then I started to see his name on production values, probably because making scary faces on an album cover is all the qualification one needs to create instrumentals these days. Needless to say, I wouldn't have given this album my time of day if a friend hadn't (conveniently) forgotten this album in my car. So for my love of blogging, I have decided to suffer through the rap version of the dentist's office...

The Good:

4. 9 MM- A catchy Akon instrumental and hook, decent Weezy verse, and then a ear-breaking terrible performance by both David Banner and Snoop. Not a bad track, but check out the remixes...

9. Syrup Sipping Break- The sad thing is that I'm listing an instrumental/skit as a good part of this album.

10. Hold On- A weak story-telling attempt, but it's one of the better songs I've heard so far. The hook's not bad...

13. I Get By- The instrumental (not produced by Banner) is great, and the Carl Thomas hook is soulful... and even David Banner comes with some below-average lyrics (which is good for him).

18. Ball With Me- I guess this is was supposed to be a street single, but it fucking sucks, and Chamillionare sounds worse than Davey so...

21. Faith- Probably the best song off the whole album, the instrumental is boring, the hook is terrible, the Lil Jon sample is unbelievably awkward, but it sounds somewhat alright.

I ripped this album onto my computer to listen to it, and I have deleted every last track off my computer already.

0-20: Terrible listening experience
21-40: Maybe one good song
41-60: A few good songs
61-80: Half are good songs, half are weak
81-100: Great listening experience, almost all are great songs

I give this album a 12. I could not find one "average" song, all of them were downright terrible besides "9 mm" and there are remixes all over the web which sound much better than the album version... this album is a disaster. At the same time, I do wish this disaster was mine, because it did sell 132,600 copies... which is mind-blowing. Here's a download link for those of you who are illiterate:

Download Here


SniperInTheMist said...

Well...for you to say you think he's one of the worst producers then admit you havent listened to 'Mississippi', which is his best album, and a great one at that, shows you haven't really put much thought into this review.

David Banner, when he gets it together, can produce some brilliant music. 'Mississippi 2' was quite good too, and although i agree with your opinion that this album is very poor, I think you've trashed him as an artist and musician with absolutely no knowledge of his music whatsoever and that is just sloppy.

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