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Posted by Were Read 2 Def

A lot of hype over this album, especially cuz of da albums original name. U know what it is. NaS dropped a beast of a mixtape. If u havent heard it, then go cop "The Nigger Tape". Lets see if da Gods Son comes correct...

1: Queens Get The Money - Da piano production is FYRE, courtesy of Jay Electronica. If u dont know who he is, then google him cuz hes creeping on da come up. NaS kills a perfect intro track, which seems 2 throw shots at Fiddy.

2: You Cant Stop Us Now - Okay, whats up with this sample being used by both RZA & Salaam Remi? I like both versions, but I might have 2 lean towards this version a lil. Also, dont expect NaS 2 disappoint on da lyrics either. Is NaS defending Michael Vick by saying da chinese eat dogs? I dunno lil homie, I aint on that.

3: Breathe - Pretty good song, but a lil boring cuz of da beat.

4: Make The World Go Round - What da FUCK is this? If u want my opinion, "Letter To The King" should of made this album instead of this crap.

5: Hero - Dah shyt! Perfect single, NaS kills da song & da production is pretty good. I could imagine him performing this song in front of a huge crowd, str8 spitting.

6: America - I love da production & lyrics, but da chorus is horrible. So it lost a notch or 2 in my book.

7: Sly Fox - Da infamous Fox News diss, "I use Viacom as my firearm". This is a pretty good song accompanied by a rock sounding beat. "I pledge allegiance 2 da fair & balanced truth, not da biased truth, not da liest truth, but da highest truth. I will not b deceived, nor will I believe in da propaganda. I will not fall 4 da oke-doke. I am tuned in..."

8: Testify - This might b my favorite song off da album. Great production & chorus. NaS slows it up a lil but comes correct. My only knock is that its not long enough.

9: N.I.G.G.E.R. (The Slave And The Master) - Good song, but da production may be a lil boring. Thanks Toomp.

10: Untitled - NaS kills it once again. Da whole song is fyre! I thought this song was supposed 2 b called Louis Farrakhan.

11: Fried Chicken - I love this song. NaS is at his best at song like this. Concept songs? Da production is pretty good. Y is Busta talking bout pork though?

12: Project Roach - I was expecting more when I heard about this song. BUT...dont get me wrong is still a great song. I guess I was thinking it might b da next "I Gave U Power".

13: Ya'll My Niggas - This song has da best chorus on da entire album. Great song, point blank period.

14: We're Not Alone - I think I would like this song better if there wasnt so much singing on da chorus.

15: Black President - Great Pac sample, good beat from DJ Lantern. I heard da original version wit samples of sum politician introducing Obama, but of course da sample didnt pass so they used a different voice. I was looking 4 NaS 2 give us good valid points on y Obama should b our next president, but he came up short.

0-20: Terrible listening experience
21-40: Maybe 1 good song
41-60: A few good songs
61-80: Half r good songs, half r weak
81-100: Great listening experience, almost all r great songs

I would get this a 87 rating. A solid effort by da Lil Homie. I think he MIGHT b developing an ear 4 beats. NaS hardly eva comes up short on his lyrical game. Lyrically, its a step up from "Hip Hop Is Dead". Its also way better, but not better than Illmatic, It Was Written or MAYBE Stillmatic. Definitely worth being in my collection. How bout yours?

4 Da Thieves


Anonymous said...

No disrespect but your other reviews were coherent, tolerable, and actually fun to read. Remember, replacing the words "to" with "2", "little" with "lil" and "the" with "da". Just doesn't work for me, it looks really stupid.

Appreciate what your doing, but please don't do that again.

Guy Fawkes said...

Haha, I didn't write this one...

Dogma Enslaved said...

The reviews by this guy give off the impression that he's biting on Big Ghost's review style... blatantly.