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4:20 PM

Kanye West/ Late Registration

Posted by Guy Fawkes

This is ultimately the CD that proved Kanye's worthiness to the hip-hop community, his sophomore album avoided the jinx and sold an amazing 850,000 and change albums in the first week. By today's standards that's a feat only Wayne can perform, but back in the day (2005) people had some pretty insane expectations for Kanye... and he more than proved his worthwhileness. Dude was everywhere from MTV to Rap City to 106 & Park, and everyone was loving it. He even semi-created the new Kanye (Lupe) and became the new Jay-Z... all this for a guy who spent years selling beats as a career. Foreshadowing "Graduation" this album features a few of the party anthems which would make up most of Kanye's next album, yet there were still the soulful heartfelt tracks from Kanye's debut. So, where does this album rank compared to the other two...

The Good:

2. Heard Em Say- This song always reminded me of "Through The Wire" even though they are completely different. The same soulful Kanye instrumental for which he became legendary.

3. Touch The Sky- Most of the world's introduction to Lupe Fiasco, and it could not have come over a better beat.

6. Drive Slow- Where did this song come from? This is the song to drive slow to, especially with rap's reigning mechanic Paul Wall spitting some hot shit all over this instrumental.

7. My Way Home- Amazing. Period.

9. Roses- For a song that was supposed to be really heartfelt, it's somewhat weird how Kanye jumps off subject all the time... but it's a pretty good song.

13. Diamonds From Sierra Leone Remix- The remix is before the original... but this version actually stays on topic of blood diamonds. And Jay's verse is just sick.

14. We Major- Try not to enjoy this song... amazing production job. This shit just sounds really good.

16. Hey Mama- This is what "Roses" tries to be. This is probably the best storytelling that Kanye could ever achieve.

19. Gone- A little long, but it's a good song.

21. Late- It takes a little while to become used to the tempo and flow of this song... but it's one of the better tracks off the album.

This is the best of Kanye's 3 albums, and this is what ultimately sold "Graduation", this album was so successful because Kanye transcended markets. People in the South were looking forward to new album after "Drive Slow" and hip hop heads were looking forward to the new album after the NaS collab.

0-20: Terrible listening experience
21-40: Maybe one good song
41-60: A few good songs
61-80: Half are good songs, half are weak
81-100: Great listening experience, almost all are great songs

This album earns a 86... ultimately I'd advise buying it, but since you won't:
Once again, comments welcome

Download here


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