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3:44 PM

Kanye West/ Graduation

Posted by Guy Fawkes

It only seems fitting to review Mr. West's album after 50's, and after the tragic passing of Mr. Bernie Mac. (R.I.P.) Who else can claim the title of being the best producer and the most outspoken person in the world? First, the "Bush doesn't care about black people", that one was justified. But when Kanye stood up for Soulja Boy in the Ice-T beef, I could be sure that Kanye was no longer the same artist that he was 2 years ago. "Late Registration" and "College Dropout",(both to be reviewed) were innovative albums full of the soulful anthems that Kanye would become known for. Each was different yet good in their own way. Kanye wasn't making music for the mainstream, he was making music to make it. But in "Graduation" he OBVIOUSLY targets the two biggest markets in hip-hop: "women who just want to dance" and "people who watch MTV for good music". But don't let me bully you into an opinion:

The Good:

Track #3- Stronger- I laugh every time Kanye says "does anyone even make real shit anymore", because this song is the farthest from real shit... but it's pretty good for a single. A track for the ladies, that the men can somewhat appreciate.

Track #4- I Wonder- THIS is what made Kanye who he is...these are the beats we miss on his albums, it's too bad he only spits like 20 bars.

Track #5- Good Life- Although I fucking hate T-Pain, I will admit he puts in work on this track... another decent single, but the verses have nothing of value.

Track #6- Can't Tell Me Nothing- I remember when this song came out, everyone was going crazy over the hook: "I had a dream I could buy my way to heaven, when I awoke I spent that on a necklace". Is this the same dude that produced Common's classics? But, this track is still ironically good. Even the lines are on. Probably the best so far.

Track #7- Barry Bonds- Kanye tries to outboast Lil Wayne, and needless to say he doesn't succeed, because it's impossible. Combined with the beat, this song is a guilty pleasure, a track any hip hop head knows they shouldn't like... but is actually pretty good.

Track #9- Flashing Lights- The metaphors on this track are just fire, and the beat makes this a song that will take a while to get out of your head.

Track #10- Everything I Am- DJ Preemo? on a Kanye album? Guru's better half actually provides a soulful Kanye beat, and Kanye actually makes a song with a message.

Track #11- The Glory- Bang this shit!! As loud as you can. Amazing.

Track #12- Homecoming- I was pissed once I realized this was a recycled pair of verses, but they sound a lot better over this instrumental.

Track #14- Good Night- Why was this a bonus? The only blemish on this track is the Tony Yayo (is that him) line. Mos Def hook is beautiful.

Track #15- Bittersweet Poetry- I love everything about this song, the beat is innovative yet fitting. Once again, one of the better tracks was a bonus.

This isn't really a Kanye album, but there is still plenty of songs that any hip hop fan could enjoy. I wonder if Kanye edited this album because of 50's offer (which he strangely hasn't stuck to).

0-20: Terrible listening experience
21-40: Maybe one good song
41-60: A few good songs
61-80: Half are good songs, half are weak
81-100: Great listening experience, almost all are great songs

I give this album a 64. Don't expect a great album, but you will definitely find some good songs. Here's the link mayne:

Download Here


Were Read 2 Def said...

U missed Good Morning n Big Brother. I agree witchu on The Glory, shyt is fire! But dis does need a higher rating.

Platinum said...

Wow 64? Really? I thought this was one of his better albums.

Distance said...

You should really study the liner notes before reviewing an album, bro. Primo did not produce nor make the beat for 'Everything I Am' - Kanye made the beat and produced the song. Primo just laid the scratches....