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8:54 AM

Jay-Z/ American Gangster

Posted by Were Read 2 Def

As we all know, hype always follows a new Jay-Z album. Hype isnt da only thing either, haters & dickryders as well. When da Big Homie came back 2 save Hip Hop da last go round, I was mad hyped, only 2 b given a real shyt samitch. I mean da 1st 3 songs was a great start 2 da album, but then fell off sumthin horrible. Da intro track 2 Kingdom Come was str8 crack that shoulda been on this album, but I guess it didnt follow da script 2 da fullest. Da script was 2 have scenes from da movie American Gangster turned in2 a song. Lets give it a spin.

1: Intro - Jus sum shyt from da movie.

2: Pray - Great song by Hov, beat by da Hitmen wit Beyonce singing. Jay raps bout da struggles of da hustle & hopes not 2 get caught.

3: American Dreamin' - On this Marvin Gaye sample, Hov goes on bout da american dream of a rags 2 riches story. Classic!

4: Hello Brooklyn 2.0 - Let me start by saying that I hate Lil Wayne. This song would b a lot better if it had a new hook, but 2 me...SKIP! I mean come on, a Beastie Boys sample.

5: No Hook - ...And I don't need no hook for this sheeeeiiit! Proof that u dont need a chorus 4 a song 2 b good.

6: Roc Boys (And The Winner Is...) - Catchy single that a lotta peeps luv. Great song but not my personal fav.

7: Sweet - I luv this song. Great production by da Hitmen once again. "Couple mistakes here & there, not always right, but I'm always real, that's how I sleep at night."

8: I Know - I dont care 4 this song at all. SKIP! That damn Pharrell or was it supposed 2 b Pharreal.

9: Party Life - This is aiight. Nice sample, but nuttin amazin.

10: Ignorant Shit - Wit a different beat, I think I would b all bout this song. Da hook is fyre! Still worth a spin though.

11: Say Hello - IMO, this shoulda b da lead single. Da hook is fyre & production by Toomp is great, not 2 mention Jiggas lyrics. "Here comes da bad guy again." Can u say...repeat?

12: Success - Oh man! Big Homie & Lil Homie on a track once again. Is it Xmas? Like Black Republicans wasnt already a nice present. Da No I.D. production lets Dat Bitch Breathe. Lyrical game tight. But who got who? Thats 4 u 2 decide.

13: Fallin' - Great ending song 2 da album bout a gangster bein took down. Solid production. Now on 2 da bonus tracks.

14: Blue Magic - This track is a beast. I guess he is Pharreal. Nice old school flava from da Neptunes. Jay kills this track wit his impression of Rakim. Did I say da lyrics r tight bangin son!

15: American Gangster - I luv a soulful sample. Great production. "The rest of my belongings belong in the hall of fame, a list of hits next to all my names. I came." Str8 crack.

0-20: Terrible listening experience
21-40: Maybe 1 good song
41-60: A few good songs
61-80: Half r good songs, half r weak
81-100: Great listening experience, almost all r great songs

I would have 2 give this album a 88 rating. As I mentioned b4, if he used da intro on Kingdom Come & changed sum things on a few songs, then this would b a classic. Nice concept album here. On sum songs, Hovs lyrical game is sharp, while others r not as great but never slacking. Last note, Jigga hasnt lost his ear 4 beats.


Don said...

I thought American Dreamin, Fallin, No Hook, Hello Brooklyn, and Roc Boys were the best songs on the entire album.