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Fabolous/ From Nothin' To Somethin

Posted by Guy Fawkes

The one dude everyone is sleeping on nowadays is John Jackson, a mainstream artist who can rhyme with the hungriest of underground cats. I remember I was in New York early 2005, and the song "Breathe" was fucking everywhere. So I copped "Real Talk", his album, and I was somewhat impressed... lot of bangers, but a lot of garbage too. That's why I was looking forward to his new shit 3 and a half years ago... but from what I remember, he got into a Kanye West-esque accident and stopped rapping for a second, got better started doing guest features. Then 2007, "From Nothin To Somethin" came out and I got it the second day it came out, not something I was extremely proud of, but I did it. And what did I think...

The Good:

1. From Nothin To Somethin Intro- I don't know if I like the Sportscenter sample... but the beat is banging and the lines are fire.

2. Yep I'm Back- You want a fucking street single? Well you got one... this song is straight lyrical murder. Every line is a quotable. This might just be a 15 dollar song right here. Why wasn't this a single?

3. Change Up- As much as I hate what Akon is doing to hip-hop... I'll admit that this track is real hot. And the lyrics are on point.

6. Return Of The Hustle- How does Swizz still have a career? What a weak-ass chorus, that Cream/Wu reference fucking blowed. Liking Fab's verses though.

7. Gangsta Don't Play- The cool thing nowadays is to feature reggae singers to do your hooks... and it nearly ruins this song which is fucking awesome without the hook.

10. Diamonds- The first time I heard this song I wasn't really feeling it, but now that I heard it again I realized that it's not that bad... but not that good.

11. Brooklyn- Who do you think Fab sampled on a track called "Brooklyn" featuring Jay? Anyone who didn't say Biggie may not feel welcome here. The sample feels out of place, and Uncle Murda appropriately murders this track.

12. I'm The Man- This song fucking rocks. "Your bitch is so easy a caveman could do her".

13. Jokes On You- Pusha T's comedy references are pretty impressive... and I strangely like this hook. And the song, it's really good.

15. This Is Family- This is a gritty ass song to put on such a club banger album, I'm also really impressed how Fab got Ransom, Budden, and Paul Cain to get on this track. Too many features for my liking, but it's still pretty decent.

This is by far my favorite Fab album, it's not that he changes his style at all... he just raps like usual but a lot better. This is by no means a "street" album, but I think everyone can find what their looking for and be satisfied. Loso's World (new album) coming end of the year.

0-20: Terrible listening experience
21-40: Maybe one good song
41-60: A few good songs
61-80: Half are good songs, half are weak
81-100: Great listening experience, almost all are great songs

I give this album a 84, I definitely enjoyed listening to it and there are only a few bad tracks. Also check out "Yep, I'm Back" that song is fucking crazy.

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